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Our Philosophy

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements

Our highly competent team of engineers specialises in the development and installation of complete trace heat systems for extremely varied applications. eltherm has already carried out pioneering work in a number of areas and set new benchmarks, as for example the electrical heating of tank containers and sugar silos. Our teams are constantly working on new solutions and systems. Set us a challenge!

Quality is important to us

To provide you with an excellent level of quality at all times and to be able to meet your own quality demands, we have built up our own production shops right from the outset. This is where we produce heating cables, hoses, jackets and mats and measurement and regulation appliances and all the corresponding accessories ourselves. eltherm is a specialist manufacturer of self-regulating heating cables, approved throughout the world. We only use top-quality materials, and process them using leading-edge technology. Our many certifications, including ISO 9001, are proof of this.

Specialists at work

Our core competence is the provision of heat using electric trace heating, compensating for heat losses, and the comprehensive knowledge of the related applications. Our team comprises experts with more than 40 years’ experience in the branch alongside younger colleagues with excellent training records. In this way we are able to put top innovative power based on leading-edge technology, know-how and experience to work for you.

Setting targets

We would like to develop innovative und front-line trace heating systems with you in a long-term partnership. We react quickly and flexibly to market demands and constantly optimise our business processes. This means that you have the benefit of a reliable partner at the top level. We are constantly improving our product by introducing new developments, thereby ensuring economic and technical advantages for you. We achieve this because our employees are long-standing, highly qualified, and motivated. Continuous further training and the assurance of a pleasant working environment are also important elements. The heating systems we supply to you are always reliable. Our quality management system and our purchasing department work hard every day to ensure the high quality of all our products. We see bringing sustainability into line with ecological and economical target-setting as an important requirement.

eltherm Code of Conduct

All our activities are carried out in compliance with our Code of Conduct, which has to be followed by all employees.

We are aware of our role as a responsible member of society and of our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees. The company, therefore, commits itself to following fixed principles. This code of conduct forms the basis for all of our business and social activities.


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