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Roof and Gutter De-Icing


The use of roof and gutter heating with self-regulating heating tape is recommended for protecting people and buildings and preventing unnecessary expenses. Especially in public buildings such as offices and hospitals, but also on company premises, in office complexes and private buildings, they offer optimum frost protection together with maximum efficiency. They are easy to install, can be upgraded without difficulty and are practically maintenance-free. This can reduce long-term maintenance costs, especially in large building complexes.

IcePrevent – Pre-assembled Plug-In Heating Cable System for Small Pipes, Roof and Gutter De-Icing

IcePrevent, a fully integrated heating cable solution for freeze protection of water pipes, gutters, downspouts, water drains and run-offs. Pre-assembled and ready-to-use. eltherm’s IcePrevent is the perfect solution for a reliable, worry-free installation to maintain flowing water in the harshest conditions. IcePrevent is based on eltherm’s proven selfregulating heating cable technology, an extremely reliable and maintenance-free heat tracing cable designed for a long service life and worry-free operation. Self-regulating heating cables do not generally require temperature control, an optional thermostat is available for most efficient and economical configuration.

Pre-assembled heat tracing kits are the perfect solution for installation on small diameter pipes and water drainage systems, eltherm’s kits are available in multiple fixed length assemblies, in either 120 VAC or 240 VAC power configuration and are ready for plug-in to ground fault protected outlets.

Each eltherm pre-assembled kit comes complete with 36-inch cold lead and power plug. Available options include plug-in thermostat, portable GFCI, roof clips.

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