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Rail Heating EL-Rail

In areas with frequent and long frost periods, any surface exposed to open air is likely to be covered by snow and / or ice. Moreover, ice covered rails are compromising the reliability of railroad traffic.Manually recovering frozen or snow covered points can present a severe danger to the track maintenance personnel involved. The Solution: a reliable rail heating system.

Rail heating is used for:

When using electrical trace heating on rails, it is recommended that:

  1. The number of tracings on the rail is kept to a minimum by choosing a cable of the highest possible output, placing it at the most efficient position on the rail and ensuring a maximum heat transfer to the rail

  2. The number of total supply points is kept to a minimum by installing maximum possible circuit length of cable

  3. The number of total cable terminations and splices is kept to a minimum, again by installing maximum possible circuit length of the cable

All of those considerations are directly linked to providing a cost effective installation, maintenance and to a reliable operation of the heating cable.

With regard to cost effective running of the heating system, suitable controls are required.

Local track conditions may however give rise to the need for higher loads, depending mainly on the predicted snowfall rate for the specific area and the expected minimum ambient temperature expected.

The optimum load required depends on the expected weather conditions and the track availability required.

Summary of benefits

Rail Heating - Basic Design Consideration

EL-Rail is a flat cable, combining six Fluoropolymer insulated series heating conductors in a silicone over-jacket. Superior properties of the heating system, low installation and operation costs with professional support from eltherm make the EL-Rail the first choice in rail heating applications.

Our proposal utilizes a single series cable per rail. This cable has an unique flat shape to ensure maximum heat transfer to the rail. This effect is achieved by a rigid, thermally insulated cover profile, which holds the cable firmly against the rail by means of spring steel mounting clips with defined force.

Heat flow for eltherm EL-Rail

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