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Open Space Heating


Heating systems for open spaces such as driveways, parking garages, entrances and exits, helicopter landing pads and footpaths are becoming increasingly important to prevent hazards posed by slippery ice and snow. Electrical open space heating eliminates the need for clearing snow and spreading de-icing salt while minimising damage to buildings that can be caused by the use of salt. It also ensures a high level of safety. Personnel costs for winter service, etc. can be reduced and the environment benefits from less use of de-icing salt. Our self-regulating heating tapes, for example the extremely sturdy ELSR-Ramp, are especially suitable for use in sand and cement mixtures and guarantee flexible mounting, even with difficult installation conditions. Together with a suitable control unit, type ISD-2, including temperature and humidity sensors this ensures that heating will only occur when it is actually necessary.

External Staircase Heating

Especially for public buildings and heavily used stairways as well as emergency staircases, frost protection is an important aspect of accident prevention. Heating is necessary for outside staircases to eliminate slipping hazards and prevent accidents.

Which heating tape is right for you depends on the application. One possibility is ELSR-R, a round heating tape which is laid under the staircase in a meander pattern. eltherm will develop the most practical and economically sensible solution for you.

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