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Water-Comfort-System: Legionella Protection


In modern society the supply of fresh water, both hot and cold, is an important contribution to comfort and well-being which should be readily available. We assume that the water supply is lean and sterile but unfortunately this is not always true. An invisible threat to health is legionella bacteria. These bacteria cause two kinds of clinical problems, which behave differently in the course of disease. One known a Legionnaires disease normally causes symptoms similar to pneumonia and can result in death. The second one, the so-called Pontiac Fever, has symptoms like influenza but with quit rapid healing.

Simply Energy Saving

Legionella, especially in heated water between 30° and 45°C, can cause a threat to health, if small drops of water, e.g. when taking a shower, are inhaled. Legionella formation can be prevented by merely changing the water temperature.. Cold water under 20° C and warm water over 55 °C constitute poor growth conditions for legionella bacteria, therefore the water should be heated up to 60 °C once a day to purge system. This procedure is called thermal disinfection. If the disinfection measures are incorporated in the planning phase of a water line system, considerable cost savings can be achieved. Removing a circulation circuit and the circulation pump and using of the Water Comfort System enables an energy-saving of up to 65 %. However, retrofitting of a thermal disinfection system is normally possible without any problems. It is especially important to install the system in buildings which present high risk of infection to the occupants, such as hospitals, ursing homes and schools, but it also makes sense to install the system in domestic housing.

The eltherm Water Comfort System provides the energy-saving solution to keep warm water steadily available and to fight legionella bacteria effectively.

eltherm Water Comfort System

Advantages of the eltherm Water Comfort System for you:

Its highly simplified installation makes the eltherm Water Comfort Systems to the optimal solution for drinking water heating and drinking water conduit facilities. The eltherm team will be happy to provide advice!

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