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Electrical Heat Tracing Systems for Gas Applications


Heating of a Gas Compression Station for MAN Ferrostaal, Romania

eltherm heated a Gas Compression Station in Bulbuceni, Romania with the eltherm self-regulating heating cable ELSR-H for high-temperature areas. The heating was installed on the one side for frost protection and on the other side to maintain a process temperature up to 65 °C. The used heating cable ELSR-H, as well as the complete accessories, like the junction box Ex-it-R, are certified for usage in hazardous areas (Ex area). The high quality demand of eltherm led the way from an engineering company eltherm to an engineering company with its own production site over the years. Reliability, durability and highest quality are a decisive part of the eltherm philosophy. Additionally to delivery of the material, eltherm of course also made the complete engineering for this project and the eltherm engineers also attended Bulbuceni in advisory capacity. Customer training was also included in the scope of work.

The Gas Compression Station is the state-of-the-art in this country and built according to highest security standards. The gas is brought to a pressure from 35 to 45 Bar and inducted into the transnational network. With the new Gas Compression Station a technically out-of-date compression station was substituted – an important milestone for the renewal of the Romanian gas network.

Heated Flexible Hoses for Analysis Technique

Heated hoses are the ideal solution for flexible transportation of liquid or gaseous substances without heat loss. The necessary temperature, power output, application and outer protection material determine the choice of heated hose technique. All heated hoses of eltherm can be used in hazardous areas under certain considerations. The heated hose for analysis technique is used for transportation of gas substances from the measurement point (i.e. chimney, connection at a heated measurement probe) to the analysis measurement unit e.g. mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph etc. Installed in a system or as transportable device (i.e. exhaust measurement unit).

Background of the application:
Condensation shall not be build up in gas. This would cause sedimentation and clogging inside the analysis line, acidification drops are built. Differences in the gas temperatures on the way to the analyser can cause inaccurate values. Prevention of dropping below the dew point, especially by exhaust of gases. The dew point of the fossil fuel is between 100 °C and 190 °C, depending on the sulfur content.

Application examples:

The Shell AG in Wesseling uses our analysis heated hoses for example for emission measurement.

eltherm heats LNG Storage Tanks from Linde

The Linde AG built by order of Skangass AS from Norway in Stavanger/Norway a Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant. Linde commissioned eltherm GmbH with the electrical heat tracing of the foundation of the liquefied natural gas tank and the whole pipeline system of the plant. The foundation of the Liquified Natural Gas Tank has a diameter of approx. 50 m. Because of the low temperature within the storage tank of -160 °C, frost can occur around and under the tank and also within the foundation of the Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant. By heating, the foundation shall be protected inside and outside from crack formation caused by temperatures around -160 °C. Therefore a maintenance temperature of 5 °C was defined. The eltherm engineers worked on a suitable design to ensure a reliable frost protection. Because of safety reasons a redundant system was chosen. So a complete breakdown can be avoided and the risk of damages can be minimized. For foundation heating the eltherm heating cable ELKM-AGN was chosen, which is absolutely suitable for highly corrosive ambient conditions and has a very high chemical resistance despite of high operating temperatures. The heating cable is also certified for usage in hazardous areas (Ex areas) and is produced according to VDE-directives. Highest quality, reliability and durability are therefore assured.

Additionally to the heating cables eltherm also designed and delivered the complete control room for operating the system. As second part of the project, the complete pipeline system of the plant with all drums and pumps was heated. The target of trace heating this system was, additional to frost protection, also temperature maintenance for the production process between 15° C and 140 °C, just like required. Several heating cables and junction boxes were used. Thereunder also the special eltherm innovation, the round junction box Ex-It-R which is certified for the hazardous area (Ex area). For the heating of the plant the eltherm engineers decided to use the eltherm heating cables ELKM-AG-N, ELKMI-VA, ELSR-N, ELSR-H and ELSR‑SH. ELSR-H and ELSR-SH are a self-regulating high-temperature heating cable and a self-regulating superhigh-temperature heating cable of eltherm. Within this project part the entire engineering and design, the calculation and installation of the control room was included in the eltherm scope of supply. The eltherm GmbH thanks Linde AG for the confidence given in this project .

Major Project in Singapore: LNG Storage Tank Bottom Heating System

eltherm, together with Samsung as the turnkey EPC, executes a major project from the Singapore LNG Corporation owned by Singapore government. The Singapore LNG terminal will be the first open-access, multi-user LNG terminal in Asia. eltherm scope of supplies for the project includes engineering, design, procurement, construction and supervision, testing and commissioning and documentation for the heated LNG tanks with a diameter of 91 meters. Additional LNG storage tanks are expected to be built on a 30 hectare plot at the Meranti Seafront on Jurong Island. Due to its cryogenic temperature of -170 °C within the storage tank, heat tracing is essential to prevent soil freezing and frost heave on the concrete base of the tank. For each tank, kilometres of eltherm Ex-certified self-regulating heating cables (ELSR-N) shall be based on our Thermal Analysis Report for the project.

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