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Ready-to-use Solutions for Laboratory Applications


Heating tapes for sensitive surfaces, ready-to-use

Our factory terminated heating tapes for sensitive surfaces are suited for heating of apparatus, technical equipment and installations made of glass, quartz or ceramic at laboratory applications. Their minimal dimensions enable close tracing. Our portfolio encompasses highly flexible heating tapes from temperatures around 260 °C up to highest temperatures of 900 °C. (If you plan to use the heating cable on metal and at an operating temperature in excess of 650 °C, please consult our project engineers.) The preferred use of the heating cable is in a dry, non-corrosive environment. The factory terminated heating tape ELW-VA is not sensitive to rough surfaces and also suitable for use in corrosive environment.


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Electronic temperature controller in stable desk-top housing, Type ELTC/L-15

The plug-in ELTC/L-15 specially developed for laboratory applications is a controller with a digital display in a stable desk-top housing. It was developed for applications, such as maintaining a constant temperature, heating up and controlled cooling in laboratories and technical centres, and is characterised by its simple operation. Thanks to its integrated ramp function, it enables specific heating and defined cooling with counter heating in order to prevent too fast a cooling of the heated components. On the back, there is a mains lead for direct connection to a socket, a built-in socket for connection of ready-made heating tapes and one built-in socket each for connection of either a Pt100 or a type K thermal element. It can also be used to operate heating sleeves or heating hoses.

Application area: Constant use in laboratories and technology centres and high-temperature applications


Function: After having evaluated the actual and preset values, the appropriate output relays are switched, depending on the configuration.

Elektronischer Temperturregler im stabilen Tischgehäuse

Electronic temperature controller in stable desk-top housing,

Ready-to-use Solutions for Laboratory Applications


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