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Complete Heating Solution for Key Application in Automotive Industry


Modern electrical trace heating technology plays an important role in a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry. Particulary the glueing technology is of steadily growing importance in the automotive industry. In many cases, the glueing robot replaces the welding robots. Glueing is already state-of-the-art in the frame-and-body production, because it provides a higher processing speed during production. 70 % of all connections in cars are nowadays glued! Doors, for example, are solely glued, to enhance the crash-safety. New high-tech adhesives make frame and body lighter and safer, the material combination permits lightweight cars. Used are one- and multi-component adhesives, polyurethanes, epoxy resins, as well as structural and construction adhesives, all of them with various working properties. Temperature maintenance is essentiel for exact dosing and temperature control of the respective medium to ensure a smooth process flow.

eltherm products used in the automotive industry

Being a supplier of leading plant manufacturers and in close cooperation with the automotive industry for many years, eltherm offers complete solutions from a single source for the whole glueing system. This enables a reliable adaptation to the constantly increasing demand of qualitiy, flexibility and productivity during the manufacturing process.

Application in the Adhesive Industry

Due to the high vertical integration, a complete solution will be designed to suit the particular application. Drum heater, heated containers for the adhesives or tailor-made heating jackets for pumps, valves and dosing machines as well as highly flexible heated hoses for glueing robots are used. Heated hosese for manual application (optional with diversion, e.g. for applicator guns) are used in the automotive industry, as well as flexible hoses for fixed installation. Even low levels of silicone outgassings can disturb the painting process seriously. Therefore, eltherm produces every heated hose, heating jacket and special heating system absolutely silicone-free (LABS-free).

Criteria for the application of heated pressure hoses

Special feature of heated pressure hoses for the adhesive technology

Creating spatial density in the hose that carries the heating cable ensures perfectly homogeneous heat distribution throughout the hose as well as optimum element loading.
Furthermore, this design assures a significantly increased tool life, also with relatively large paths of traverse of the robot. The additional glass-fibre spacer serves to prevent hot spots in moving applications with greater bending strain, as contact between the heating cables is avoided. For extreme demands the hose can be fitted with a specially reinforced heating cable which withstands the strain even better. An insulation, adapted to the process temperature and an outer jacket, adapted to the application, complete the heated hose, ready-for-connection.

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