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Bitumen Applications


eltherm offers tailor-made solutions for companies in the bitumen industry. It has many years of experience in handling, transporting and storing viscous media. There are numerous applications in this area that use our electrical heat tracing solutions. The list that follows is not complete:

Electrical heat tracing is used here to ensure the medium can flow or be pumped. The applications range in temperature from 160 to 250 °C.

Electrical Tank Container Heating Systems

Bitumen applications in road construction

Bitumen is used especially in road construction, for example with machines for hot asphalt installation, for asphalt overlays and to repair road damage. It is also used in joint and sealing technology for concrete and asphalt surfaces. Pressure hoses are frequently used with both hot and cold recyclers. They keep bitumen at a temperature of 180°C so it remains free-flowing.

In cold recyclers the old road surface is milled and at the same time a new base layer is installed, all in one step with the milled material recycled. A supply of hot bitumen is necessary for the process to achieve a homogeneous surface while using the material that was removed. These supply lines are heated so that the material remains free-flowing. Since the machines are designed for different working widths, a flexible supply line is important. Our flexible heated pressure hoses are used for this application. Several heated hoses are often required for each system.

More about heated pressure hoses

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