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Heated Hoses


Electrical heated hoses (heated sample lines) are the ideal solution for flexible transportation of liquid or gas substances without heat loss. The necessary temperature, power, application and outer protection material determine the choice of the heated hose technique.

Application of our Heated Hoses an Heated Sample Lines:

Gas substances are channeled from the measurement point to the analysis instrument in the analysis technique, i.e. in trash burning ovens, refineries, chemical industry, motor exhaust analysis, etc.. For these applications the gases are to be freeze protected, protected against condensation, or guarantee for constant temperatures up to 250°C. Heated sample lines (analytic hoses) ensure the transport of liquid and gaseous media without the loss of temperature.

Moreover, a heated hose can be used to heat up, to prevent heat loss and to transport media, e.g. grease, oils, wax, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, carbon dioxide, foam plastics, casting compounds, glue, foodstuff etc.. It is particularly important to keep these materials in a fluid state or to grant for specific treatment properties in a determined range of temperature. For these applications the heated hose is mostly laid on the mobile machine components (robots) and equipment.

Controlled analytic heated hoses serve to transport gaseous media from the point of withdrawal to an analytic measuring device (e.g. at the chimney, connection to a heated exhaust sample probe). In most cases, they are fixed-mounted in plants or in the form of portable systems.


Heated pressure hoses serve to heat media, maintain a constant temperature and transport media such as the following without heat loss: oil, grease, wax, resin, tar, paint, water, glue, plastic, casting compound, food, etc.. The heated hose is mounted on movable system and machine parts in most cases.


Heated analytic hose / heated sample line with with integrated filter (resistant stainless steel), used in analyser technology, primarily for mobile measurements


Protective Silicone Cover

For applications in highly aggressive or thermally very harsh environments, or if an easy-to-clean surface is required for hygienic reasons, we recommend an additional protective jacket.

Protective Silicone Cover Type ELH/...wSI


Heated Systems for Loading and Unloading
Maintain temperatures and enable loading/unloading of oil, fat, resins, paint, bitumen, adhesives, compounds and foods without temperature loss. Our speciality: flexible and robust design for pressures up to 50 bar and temperatures to 250°C. Diameters from 25 to 100mm allow large flow rates. Loading/unloading systems are available with approval for hazardous areas.

Brochure Heated Systems for Loading and Unloading


Heated Hoses for Potable and Domestic Water

For enquiries about heated hoses, please use our enquiry heated hoses.

Certification: Our products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres are checked and approved in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC. Apart from ATEX, IECEx, Nepsi, ABS and EAC certification, for instance, we also meet the strict requirements of the CSA and FM certification. Learn more about our certificates and approvals

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