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Control and Monitoring


We offer you a wide range of control and monitoring technology which meets the ever increasing requirements on quality, accuracy, energy saving and safety. Thus, we are not only specialist in electrical heat tracing but also in control, regulating, monitoring and signaling. Constant process temperatures, required in many production processes are guaranteed.

The electronic temperature controllers of the new generation, like the ELTC-14, ELTC/H-14 are suitable for various industrial applications and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). The temperature is measured by a Pt100 sensor, processed by the microcontroller and displayed. After having evaluated the actual and preset values, the appropriate output relays are switched, depending on the configuration.

The ELTC-15 controllers come with rampmode functionality. This ensure as specific heating-up and defined cooling with counter heating to avoid rapid cooling of the heated components. They are also suitable for use at high temperatures up to 999 °C.

Our considerable product portfolio offers temperature control and monitoring for electrical heat tracing sysytems, also for hazardous areas.


Accurate temperature control is vital for complex production plants and processes. Our product range is completed by frost protection thermostats, ice- and snow detectors, heating circuit distributers, heating circiut monitoring devices and customised and user-friedly control cabinets as well as out newly developed TraceVision® System. More about TraceVision®

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