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Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions for BPA Plants


From Engineering up to Commissioning

During a period of 2 ½ years in total, eltherm implemented a heating system in a BPA (Bisphenol A) plant in Taiwan – from engineering to commissioning. The project started in January 2007 with first discussions in Taiwan. After order placement, the engineering began in April 2008. During the planning and layout period, eltherm engineers developed the concept for the heating of about 1.500 heating circuits. 30 km of pipelines and 350 tanks with different nominal diameters and sizes in a temperature range between 50 °C and 200 °C in hazardous areas had to be heated. For this eltherm used about 50 km of self-regulating high temperature heating cable as well as more than 1 km of mineral insulated heating cable.

eltherm not only provided the heating but also the complete process control engineering, the calculation and design of the heat tracing heating circuits as well as the planning of the control panels and units. The installation was carried out together with a local partner. A SCADA system was implemented to control the maintenance and the required process temperatures. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This is a control and regulation system with data collection and processing as well as an alarm and detection system. The project was completed in August 2009 with the successful commissioning and production start of the BPA plant.

Electrical Heat Tracing in Hazardous Areas

If you have high process temperatures, especially in hazardous areas, it is very important to use a secure and reliable heating system. eltherm demonstrated its know how by providing a heating system for a big BPA plant in Taiwan.

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