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Antenna Heating and Parabolic Reflector Heating


State-of-the-art electrical heat tracing technology plays a decisive role in many fields, e.g. for the heating of parabolic reflector and radio link antenna systems. With those, eltherm assures - even in wintery conditions - an ice-free antenna and hence a proper reception.

Essential for an interference-free reception

One application of heating cables in telecommunication is the heating of antenna reflectors. Snow-and ice-formation on the surface of the reflector would inevitably lead to an interference of the reception or the transmitting power. For decades of experience with reputable antenna manufacturers and network operators, antenna heating with specially designed heating mats has turned out to be extremely effective.

Advantages of our antenna heating mats:

For directional antennas, we offer three different heating alternatives – depending on the meteorological conditions on site:

Indirect heating by means of insulated heating mats on the cylindrical area of the antenna radom: primarily used with narrow performance limits or when heating of the antenna backside is not possible.

Indirect heating with insulated heating mats on the cylindrical area of the antenna random and the antenna backside: either with one special pre-cut heating mat or two heating mats in serial connection.

Direct heating of the front foil or front cover of the radio link antenna with a specially developed heating foil: applied to the inner part of the cover. So it is possible to avoid snow coating on the front cover - even under extreme conditions.

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